Day Twenty Three: Renewal

Big news today! My girlfriend has decided to relocate from Arizona to live with me in Kentucky. Our initial plan was wait another year or so, flying back and forth for visits until she moved here in 2018. In the meantime, her job was outsourced and she was left with a decision: Try to find another job to keep for just a year, or pull the trigger now while she has severance pay. She will be moving here mid-March.

Pete “Overend” Watts of Mott the Hoople and British Lions. May 13, 1947-January 22, 2017

I also bought tickets to see Cheetah Chrome & Johnny Blitz, surviving members of legendary 70s Ohio punk rock band Dead Boys at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis on April 21, 2017.

Meanwhile, the news came through yesterday that Pete “Overend” Watts from 70s glam rock band Mott the Hoople passed away. They were one of my favorite bands during the 80s and 90s, having learned about them via Def Leppard, of which I was a fan of their early work when I was kid. Mott the Hoople were one of their influences, as were many of the 70s UK glam rock era bands. It is hard to be shocked by the loss of these Baby Boom classic rockers anymore. As always, it is a very good idea to see any shows you can when it comes to the last of the living old rock n roll guys.

Buffin’ lost his child-like dreams and Mick lost his guitar
And Verden grew a line or two and Overend’s just a rock n’ roll star
Behind these shades, the visions fade, as I learn a thing or two
Oh but if I had my time again you all know just what I’d do
Rock n’ roll’s a loser’s game, it mesmerizes and I can’t explain
The reasons for the sights and for the sounds
We went off somewhere on the way and now I see we have to pay
The rock n’ roll circus is in town

lyrics from “The Ballad of Mott” by Mott the Hoople

Deng Ming-Dao on Renewal

Today was a simple poem:

City on a hill,
Untouched land beyond.
A fallow field is
The secret of fertility.
I grew up in a semi-rural environment, but it’s no longer like that today, with a big Kroger grocery store in a giant strip mall where there once was a field owned by the Owens family. When I was a child, I enjoyed the trips to my uncle’s farm in Spencer County, running around exploring the woods and playing in the creeks. Sometime in my teens, I grew fascinated with the idea of exploring cities, and I do love the city. I lived in Phoenix for about 15 years, and I always loved Hollywood and Los Angeles too. I’ve been to most of the major US cities, either for vacation or touring with my bands. About 7 years ago, I relocated back to Kentucky, this time living in a rural area, the city is approaching us. We’ve had two Starbucks locations open up shop just recently. While I’ve lived in the rural environment this time, I often found myself longing for cities again. Besides downtown Louisville, I made trips to Nashville, Indy, St. Louis, Chicago, and Detroit over the last couple of years. But it was only recently, in a crisis situation, that I retreated to whatever small patch of wilderness I could find to hike and be alone. I also did one of the Contemplative Weekend retreats at Loose Leaf Hollow, and I’m planning to take another weekend retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemani in New Haven, KY, one of my favorite places to connect with nature and spirituality. Deng Ming-Dao says we need these kinds of retreats to a quiet place for our renewal, and I would agree it is almost a basic need.

The Truth about Money

Today’s entry in the The Daily Stoic is a cliche: Money won’t make you happy. 

We do need the constant reminder though. “External things can’t fix internal issues,” Ryan Holiday says. It really isn’t about money, specifically. You can’t fix yourself, or be made happy, by external anything. That includes possessions, toys, sexual partners, or an expensive vacation. Anything.



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