Day Twenty Six: Adoration

Daily Journal

Jonathan Daniel appeared on the Marc Maron WTF Podcast today. I’ve never met the guyjonathan-daniel but I have some connection to him via some mutual friends and acquaintances from the 1990s punk rock and power pop scenes: Chaz Matthews and Dimestore Haloes, Gilby Clarke and the guys from the local Arizona punk/power pop band Beat Angels. The basic story is Jonathan Daniel was in a band called Candy in the 80s. Gilby Clarke was the guitarist. That band split into two bands: Kill for Thrills & Electric Angels. Gilby Clarke went on to replace Izzy Stradlin in Guns n Roses, and he engineered produced the two Beat Angels albums (also the unreleased third one), and I was a big fan of Beat Angels, and this all ties in with Alice Cooper somehow, and other small world rock n roll stuff.

I think I may have been vaguely aware of the fact that Jonathan Daniel moved into artist management with Crush Music, discovering Fall Out Boy and other emo bands, Butch Walker, Courtney Love, etc. Anyway, hearing the podcast with him on Marc Maron was the highlight of my day, being an inspirational story of a washed up musician reinventing himself in the music business with great success.

Just for fun, here’s the 1985 music video “Whatever Happened to Fun” by the band Candy.

Deng Ming-Dao on Adoration:

Images on the altar,
Or imagined within:
We pray to them,
But do they answer?

As best as I could comprehend today’s entry in 365 Tao, the author says that we are worshiping symbolism when we pray and kneel at altars, making offerings and sacrifices. The gods are not actually real, but our need to be reverent to these visualized gods is real, although it may feel uncomfortable.

“External worship is merely a means to a point within to the true source of salvation.”
-Deng Ming-Dao

“May the God of your choice bless you.”-Kinky Friedman

Today’s entry came across as atheistic, but maybe it really isn’t: You can believe in God (or gods) but you can’t really conceive of what God, or this creative intelligence, actually is. It reminded me of how the 12 step programs refer to your “Higher Power” and “God of Your Understanding”. It is important to conceptualize and visualize the external deities as you understand them, but they are not external. You are not really worshiping something outside of yourself, but something within.

I could see traditional religious people having a problem with this idea, or having disagreement with it, but I think religion and spirituality are very personal. I’m not fan of proselytizing and fundamentalism. I may not be right. God is beyond concepts to me. I’m not just going to trust the words from any book or sacred text without questioning or accepting everything in it. To each their own though.

The Daily Stoic:

Another short and simple entry about the power of using a mantra. Quoting Marcus Aurelius, Ryan Holiday suggests that a Stoic have a mantra- “helpful in the meditative process because it allows us to block out everything else while we focus”. He suggests that you make up your own mantra that essentially says “I have have the power within me to keep out false impressions, distractions, or the crush of everyday life”.




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