Day Forty Six: Organization

Daily Journal:

to-do-listToday, I’m just going to focus completely on the Deng Ming-Dao entry about organization as I get caught up with several missing days.

Deng Ming-Dao on Organization:

Today was actually the topic I’ve been waiting for. How do planning and goals fit in with Tao?

Deng Ming-Dao says, “It is wise to plan each day. By setting goals for oneself and organizing activities to be accomplished, one can be sure that each day will be full and never wasted.” He says we have “master goals” and each day you match “interim patterns” with “master goals”. I took that to mean you have goals, sort of an overall plan of what you want to accomplish. You set out in the morning with a To Do list, but also having the understanding that events of the day may disrupt your plans, and you will have to improvise. Not only that, but you should become skilled at improvisation, to be prepared when unpredictable things happen.

This is a problem I’ve been running up against. I’m setting goals and laying out a schedule to get things done, but days are sometimes disrupted by unexpected events, like the flat tire issue this week. It throws my schedule off. This week brought some unexpected overtime opportunity at work. I need to get out of debt and hit my savings goals, but that takes time away from getting errands run, like car maintenance, or creative goals such as writing, and so on. It’s a matter of prioritizing, and I decided to focus on my finances as a high priority at this time.

Daily Stoic:

Today, Ryan Holiday begins with a Marcus Aurelius quote about waking up to realize what was upsetting you was only a bad dream.” Many times things you dread and become upset about don’t even come to pass. They are a fiction. “The thing that provoked you wasn’t real- but your reaction was. And so from the fake comes real consequences. Which is why you need to wake up right now instead of creating a nightmare.”





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