Day Fifty One: Beauty

Daily Journal:

Listening to a lot of Webb Wilder music this week.

Not too much to report here. I’ve been working a lot of overtime this week, and listening to a lot of old Alan Watts recordings while I’m working. Yesterday, I got back on a Webb Wilder kick. You can hear most of his albums and music on YouTube. Not unlike Unknown Hinson, Webb Wilder is a character created for a low budget film in the 80s called “Webb Wilder, Private Eye” that morphed into a rock artist (signed to a major label, then dropped, been an indie artist ever since). Best way to describe Webb Wilder is from the Wikipedia page: “Wilder combines the straight-ahead rock & roll with surf guitar of the Ventures and twang of Duane Eddy, drawing on the feel of blues, R&B, country/rockabilly and film noir. His sound incorporated influence from Americana music as well as from the British Invasion.

My childhood would not be complete without hearing radio advertisements for his upcoming gigs in Louisville on WLRS 102 FM. I never saw him live in the 80s because I was too young, but he played here a lot back in the day.

This morning I wondered “What the hell is that guy’s real name?”

Google says: John Webb McMurry

A few years ago, I saw some photos of him before the Webb Wilder character was created and he was a long haired hippie rocker looking dude until the nerdy makeover happened.

This video clip came out the year we put The Earps on the road. Advice for touring musicians. We took the advice and it all works.

On that note, here’s an old commercial advertising the then-new Ford Econoline, which as Webb will tell you, is the magic bus of rock n roll.

I kinda miss touring sometimes.

Deng Ming-Dao on Beauty:

Today, Deng Ming-Dao talks about flowers, which are often used as a symbol in spirituality.  The lily in Christianity, the lotus in Buddhism, and so on. They are beautiful, but delicate, and you have to wait for them to bloom. Fake plastic flowers are not good enough either. We like the real ones. Deng Ming-Dao says “the tenderness of flowers arouses mercy, compassion, and understanding.” Notice you see a lot of them around at funerals.

Daily Stoic:

Today’s entry was called “The Grand Parade of Desire” and it was about the cost of indulging in vices. Using examples of young starlets indulging in some glamorous partying that turns into rehab and drug addiction. He urges you to consider before indulging in any vice or pleasure, how much unhappiness it could lead to, asking yourself “Is it really worth it?”

Gotta run!


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