Day Fifty Eight: Opportunity

Today is my End of the Month wrap-up podcast. Listen on Soundcloud. Note: I mistakenly refer to tomorrow being February 29th. I was confused while working through Daily Stoic, which includes February 29th. This is not a leap year. Only 28 days of February. Tomorrow is March 1st.


One thought on “Day Fifty Eight: Opportunity”

  1. Hi BG, I am behind on your blog posts and podcasts but wanted to say congratulations on keeping up with your blog posts and good for you regarding quitting smoking. As they say, every journey begins with one step so just keep moving forward. In my yoga class this past week, the yoga instructor read a passage reminding us to not “re-read the bad chapters of our life but move on to creating new chapters.” I found that very insightful. We wouldn’t re-read a bad book we don’t like, so why do we do that with our previous life experiences?

    Regarding waiting for opportunities vs. creating opportunities, I find both to require much patience. Opportunities are all around if you search them out but not always easy to act on, unless you are ready. So I get what you were saying from the passage you were reading that sometimes we need to clear ourselves of our issues before we can seize an opportunity. We can have a tendency to hold back if we don’t feel ready, which is ok. We can prevent mishaps by being more mindful about what we decide to act on. Btw, I love your end-of-month podcasts! Very cool idea to offer both the blog posts and an audio summary.


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