Day Fifty Nine: Source

Daily Journal:

A lot on my mind these days. Feeling really distracted much of the time, and haven’t kept up with meditation, especially since Joe went off to Haiti and Thursday night meditation group has been postponed. Should resume tomorrow. Another eye appointment today. Something has happened to my right eye, where the Wal-Mart vision center has been unable find the proper reading for my right eye. I’m inventing stories about it right now. Like”Oh my god, I have EYE CANCER!!” I also burned all my eyelashes off my right eye over two years ago while camp cooking near Ft. Gratiot, Michigan. The lashes never completely grew back, leaving me with a cockeyed look. Possible eye damage from that incident? Also my fall last November may have resulted in head trauma/brain damage that can sometimes have an effect on vision, or so I have read. Today, I get closer to some answers anyway.

I booked a room in Taos, New Mexico for the journey home. I’m looking forward to being in Taos, however briefly, mostly because Natalie Goldberg wrote so much about Taos in her “Writing Down the Bones” book.

Most of the business related to the trip next month has been done now.

Deng Ming-Dao on Source:

His first statement is “the source of all power is within yourself”. Immediately, this entry reminded me of the Bible quote (Luke 17:21): “The kingdom of God is within you”. Deng Ming-Dao says the source is latent within everyone, but we can learn to tap it. We are not looking for something external to bring us power. He says it is not enough to tap this power, but we must learn to direct it, which requires wisdom, experience, and education. He says “Finding the source of spiritual power is a great joy; deciding how to direct it is the greatest of responsibilities”, as he indicates the same attainment can be used for good or evil.

Daily Stoic:

Note: Daily Stoic includes February 29th. This is not a leap year but I will cover both February 28th and March 1st of the Daily Stoic.

Using an Epictetus quote, Ryan Holiday reminds us that we cannot have everything we want. This is contrary to the message you receive in society that we can have everything we want. Don’t set your heart on too many things, Epictetus says. We have to focus. Prioritize. Ask ourselves with everything if we really need it, can we live without it, and what will happen if we don’t have it.

March is here. Day One. The theme for March is Awareness.

“An important place to begin in philosophy is this: a clear perception of one’s own ruling principle.”

He is saying use reason to find self awareness, examining your emotions and beliefs that guide you.

I have some catching up to do on chores around the house. Feeling scatterbrained, rushed, and distracted lately. As Deng Ming-Dao says, I’m looking at diet, mind, and environment and getting those in order and harmony the best I can.

See you tomorrow.




One thought on “Day Fifty Nine: Source”

  1. Hi BG, I hope your eye is ok! I have not yet been to Taos, New Mexico but I have heard it is nice. Someday I would like to go to Santa Fe. About directing spiritual power – that is something I would like to better understand. I find it challenging to sense this spiritual power within, although I can feel it at times in ways that seems like is inspiration or intuition. For me it is easier to sense spiritual power in nature. Especially in Hawaii. The nature energy there is what I call “off the charts”. The leaves of most trees and plants there are longer & taller than most humans. Their kukui nut trees have leaves so large they are bigger than a human head. Of course the ocean waves too are powerful energy. Hawaii is an amazing place to experience mystical and spiritual energy.


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