I’m probably best known as a musical entertainer, having performed with punk rock n roll legend Jeff Dahl, Arizona cowpunks The Earps, Kentucky country-rockers Moonshine Millionaires, and Kentucky “kings of cowpunk” Nine Pound Hammer. My album with Jeff Dahl got a good review in Rolling Stone Magazine in 2008. The Earps gave me the opportunity to tour America in a van several times. The Moonshine Millionaires were the highest paying gig of my life and with them, I was able to play to an audience of 50,000 people one time. My gig with Nine Pound Hammer was short lived (the old bass player returned) but had the most rabid cult following of any band I’ve ever played with.

I like to read books. I like philosophy. I listen to podcasts. I like to share what I’ve learned and learn from others.

The Mission

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle an adventure into personal development and spirituality, integrating both of them. A self experiment.

Can we bounce back from complete and total destruction and loss of almost everything we had ever loved? Can we set goals and take initiative in a way that is in harmony with the nature of the universe and play a little guitar once in a while too?

I intend to find out.

Using the lessons of the Tao from the east and the Stoics from the west, and reading a whole lot of books and attempting to apply the material in a practical way. Lots of hiking. Some prayer and meditation.

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